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Just Josh

 7/8/2015 6:18:31 AM
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Spread the Health
By Josh Johnson - 7/8/2015

Spread the Health!

Do you have a story to tell about your health or know someone who does? The Splash and The Current are planning a special “health and wellness” theme for our September issues, and we would like to share as many of these stories as possible. 

These testimonials can cover the gamut, from specific workouts to food gameplans or life decisions that led to a person being able to make a significant contribution to his or her overall health and wellness. Below is a questionnaire to fill out to participate. 

But first, here are the basic rules: 

• The person must answer each of the questions using no more than 300 combined words.
• The person must submit a minimum of one photo of him or herself to run with the testimonial. We prefer a photo of the person "in action" representing their testimonial in some way, but standard head shots (or both, to give us options) are A-OK.  
• The person must live in the greater Spokane Valley area (Liberty Lake, Spokane Valley, Millwood, Rockford and various unincorporated areas nearby)
• The testimonial cannot be received from an owner or employee of any business program or product the testimonial espouses. 
• To enable as much variety as possible, no more than one testimonial per business/health program will be published.
• We will make an attempt to print as many submitted items as possible, but there is no guarantee it will be used. 
• In order to be considered, all testimonials and photos must be received by email to by the end of the day Wednesday, July 22. 

Ready to “Spread the Health”? Use no more than 300 total combined words to answer the following questions. 

1. Name
2. Age
3. City of residence
4. My story (using the first person, feel free to share anything from what triggered your desire to get healthy, to the components of the program/diet/life decisions/etc. that caused you to get healthy, to the people or accountability measures that you relied on, etc.)
5. My results (what is different about you now than before the decisions you described above)
6. My encouragement (what would you tell someone else to motivate them to make similar gains to greater health and wellness. this could be any form of inspiration, be it an anecdote or a quote or just heartfelt encouragement)

Questions? Email, and thank you in advance for helping us “spread the health.”

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Spread the Health
7/8/2015 6:18:31 AM

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