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The Sound of Cycling
Josh - 8/19/2009

Attended the Baddlands Racing Team's Twilight Series event in the River District last night. For someone relatively new to bicycling, this was the first time I had been close to a bike race like this. One of the most surprising exhilarations of being a spectator is the sound every time a pack of cyclists zip past. I know I've heard race car fans enjoy the same type of thing, and one of the simple pleasures of being a tennis player is the unmistakable release of pressure audible when opening a can of new balls.
The event was a lot of fun. Tip of the cap to Greenstone for sponsoring.
The picture above is from the first race at 6 p.m. Anyone recognize the "man in black" sitting in second place? It's Theo Propst, owner of Liberty Lake Cycle Sports. His team went on to win the event.

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