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1,600 meals thanks to you!
1/2/2013 8:53:22 AM

The math goes something like this. Through the Food for Thought program made possible by volunteers and the Spokane Valley Partners food bank, it takes about $6 to send an entire weekend of food home in a student's backpack. That's six meals, six drinks and six snacks for the weekend, including milk.

A month ago, The Splash asked its readers to add their generosity to the buying power of Spokane Valley Partners and see what shook out of the equation. Well, the answer is in: More than 1,600 meals will be provided through Food for Thought thanks to your donations. That's more than 265 weekends worth of meals for students in the Central Valley School District who were not certain to be getting any food otherwise.

And for the growing Food for Thought program, that's enough to cover about a month of food at its current level of service.

Great work, Splash readers! And thank  you!

We hope you continue to keep this program, and the needy in our community, in mind as we roll into 2013. One way we plan to remind you is through our One Valley Initiative, one thread of which is to keep up with programs like Food for Thought that are helping to meet the needs of those in our community.

You can read more about the One Valley Initiative in the January Current, on newsstands this week and online at Thanks again!