Wave photo by Tammy Kimberley

Lexie and Lacie Hull, 10-year-old twin sisters, say they love their neighborhood near Pavillion Park because there are so many kids to play sports and hang out with.

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From the Wave: Sisters push one another toward physical fitness
6/9/2010 12:18:59 PM

By Tammy Kimberley
Wave Editor

With finishing times of just over an hour at Bloomsday and an undefeated record at Hoopfest the past two years, Lexie and Lacie Hull seem to match up on almost whatever activity they choose to engage in.

These 10-year-old twins not only participate in physical activities, but they both used their minds to place among the top six regional winners in the Math is Cool program.

Whether they're competing with or against one another, the girls said they can become over competitive at times. Their mom, Jaime Hull, described the girls' relationship as a kind of "perfect storm" where they push each other to the limit.

"It's sometimes painful, but it helps them get better," she said.


The Hull sisters recently spoke with The Wave about what it's like being a twin, how they stay physically active and ways they challenge one another.

Q: Tell me the good and the bad about being a twin.

Lexie: The good thing is that we can share each other's clothes. We're in the same grade so we know what each other is talking about.

Lacie: The bad thing is that the birthday is on the same day. Also, I get called Lexie a lot.

Q: Do you guys feel like you challenge one another?

Lexie: When we play one on one, sometimes it gets over competitive. But it's good because we're at the same level when we practice and it makes us better.

Names: Lexie and Lacie Hull

Parents: Jason and Jaime Hull

Pets: Dog, Cloe

Age: 10

School: Fourth grade at LLES

Least favorite subject
   Lacie: reading
   Lexie: science

Favorite sport
   Lexie: Soccer, basketball
   Lacie: Basketball

Q: How are you different from one another?

Lacie: We like to do the same stuff and have the same taste in style. But in school, she likes different subjects.

Lexie: In sports or anything else, I'm more, "Let's do it and have fun!" Lacie really goes after it.

Q: What is the thing you like most about your sister?

Lexie: Lacie is very nice to everybody. When somebody gets hurt, including me, she really cares about it and doesn't shrug it off.

Lacie: The thing I admire about Lexie is that she likes to laugh and have fun.

Q: I understand that you two have participated in Bloomsday together.

Lacie: Last year was our first year and we did it again this year, along with Fit for Bloomsday at school. 

Lexie: Last year we kind of walked/ran it. This year we didn't stop once. I finished in 64:59 and Lacie finished in 62:18.

Q: And now you're preparing for Hoopfest. How has your team done in the past?

Lacie: We've done it for three years, so this will be our fourth that we've played together on a team at Hoopfest.

Lexie: The last two years we were undefeated in our age group. Hopefully we'll do the same this year. It's just fun because there are so many teams and we like playing against our friends.

Q: Besides basketball, what other sports do you enjoy?

Lexie: Last year we learned how to water ski out on Lake Coeur d'Alene. We've played soccer since kindergarten. I like to play when it's raining and you slip around and get dirty.

Lacie: I like soccer because you have a lot of people on the field that you can pass to and play with. I also like running a lot. I just like being outside in the fresh air, just to relax and run.

Lexie: We love to swim and play kickball with friends at the park. Sometimes we'll play tetherball at a friend's house. We like to play where you can't use your hands and you have to use your feet or your head.

Q: How do your parents encourage you to be healthy?

Lacie: My mom runs with me when I want to run. My dad's knee isn't very good, but he still plays basketball with me outside.

Lexie: We have a bedtime and when it's time, we go to bed. We probably wouldn't be able to be healthy if our mom and dad didn't help us out.