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TT's Brewery and Barbecue Expands to Neighborhood Liberty Lake Location

In the smoky realm of barbecue, TT's BBQ has carved a niche for itself as a beacon of mouth watering flavors and culinary expertise for both their beer and food. The sizzle of meat on the grill, the wafting aroma of seasoned wood smoke, and a pint of ice-cold brew have all contributed to the success of TT's BBQ. Now, as the beloved establishment expands to a second location, patrons can look forward to a double dose of delectable dishes and some new creations at the neighborhood spot. 
TT's Brew & BBQ emerged from its humble origins after being the backyard/garage hobby of namesake Travis Thosath. As a Spokane native, Travis began as a home brewer in his late 20's, experimenting with different grains and flavors for family and friends while working at Frito Lay. 
In 2017, Travis had the opportunity to try and brew on a larger scale at the Incubator Brewery at the Steel Barrel in downtown Spokane. The Incubator Brewery provides all the equipment and space needed for brewing, Travis just had to pay rent and obtain the necessary ingredients. "I wasn't always good at it," Travis shares about his beginnings, "But after my two-year rent commitment was up, I decided to quit my job and start a brewery. That's where I met my business partner Chad White. We decided to partner up and that's how it became the TT's as we know today." From starting out with brewing ten gallons of beer per batch in his garage to now brewing two hundred and ten gallons per batch, it's a significant increase. "We're brewing once a week, which is close to one thousand gallons a month on average. It's wild!" 
The first location opened in 2019 in Spokane Valley, just seven months before the pandemic shut down all restaurants. "It's burned in my brain," the rocky start to TT's didn't stop Travis though, "It was going like gang busters, and we could do no wrong. Then all of a sudden, we had to shut it down. But it forced us to adapt and start online ordering and at the end good things came from it."
With the first location garnering a loyal following quickly, the decision to open a second spot was a natural progression, a testament to the unwavering popularity of TT's unique brew and barbecue style and the overwhelming demand and the desire to bring the distinctive flavors of TT's BBQ to a broader audience. 
The new location, nestled in the vibrant Liberty Lake Orchard neighborhood opened its doors on October 31st and promises the same dedication to quality and inviting atmosphere that patrons have come to associate with TT's. They have kept many of the tried-and-true delicious smoked meats and outstanding sides but added a few special menu items for the new location. 
"All the meats are smoked at our Valley location," Travis explains about the Liberty Lake TT's. "It's a smaller kitchen, but we inherited a hood, so we were able to add a fryer and a flat top grill out here in Liberty Lake, which we do not have at the Valley location. We added a special Saucy Ribs option, where we take single ribs and quickly dunk them in the fryer to give just a little bit of a crunch and then toss them in a blackberry chipotle BBQ sauce. They are really, really good!"
Included on their menu are their famous meat platters, which are a great option for entertaining during the holiday season. The Small Block Platter is a half-pound of each of their six smoked meats which includes brisket, ribs, pulled pork, turkey, chicken, and spicy sausage. To finish off the sampling of meats, the platter comes with one pint each of coleslaw, smoked pinto beans, and their famous mac and cheese. 
To round out the meal, try their banana pudding. It's a unique take on a Southern classic that provides a nice, sweet touch to an otherwise savory meal. 
The Liberty Lake TT's will have their rotating brews on tap as well as their classics, like a Hazy IPA, a Mexican Lager, and a Blonde Ale. They fill their growlers to-go or pour a cold pint for customers to enjoy with their dinner. 
"We're open but be patient with us! We are enjoying our time out here in Liberty Lake and look forward to the warm weather and patio season," Travis mentions about the additional seating warm weather will bring. 
They are currently open for dinner service daily from 4pm to 8pm, but new hours will be coming with extended hours on the weekend to cover lunch service, and will be closed Mondays. The Liberty Lake location has a wonderful wrap-around patio that will be great for parents when the weather warms up and children play at the park.
Online orders can be placed on their website at or by calling the location directly. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram using their handle TT's Brew BBQ.


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