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Police Report
3/26/2014 12:16:28 PM

The following incidents, arrests, calls for service and citations were among those reported by the Liberty Lake Police Department from Feb. 18 to March 17. The incident and arrest report below does not include the week of March 3-10, which was not available due to staff vacation. The calls for service and citations do include that period. The report is listed in chronological order. 

Incidents and arrests
Vehicle vs. deer - At 7:18 a.m. Feb. 14, LLPD responded to North Molter Road and East Appleway Avenue after a driver reported that a deer ran into the side of his vehicle as he traveled northbound down the road. 

Cyber-bullying - At 12:30 p.m. Feb. 19, LLPD received a report of cyber-bullying at the 21000 block of East Indiana Ave. The complainant came into the police department to provide information on a social media account that had been created using a picture of her child. The account had derogatory and offensive language and included a link to a pornographic website. This matter was placed under investigation.

Shoplifting - At 5:09 p.m. Feb. 19, LLPD responded to a theft at the 1300 block of North Liberty Lake Road. The complainant reported a young female came into the store and placed several items in a bag before fleeing. The complainant tried to detain the subject at the entrance but was unable to do so. The subject got into an awaiting vehicle that drove away at a high rate of speed. This incident was placed under investigation. 

Burglary - At 1:54 p.m. Feb. 23, LLPD responded to the 1600 block of North Aladdin Road for a burglary. The complainant reported that sometime during the time she was at work an unknown person entered her home and stole an estimated $4,770 in goods. Both doors were reported to be locked when the complainant left the residence and upon her return. The arriving officer checked the windows, which also appeared to be secure. Though the fresh snow made it impossible to find fresh tracks or footprints near the home, the officer spoke to a number of neighbors who reported no one was seen near or around the victim's residence during that time. 

Feathered intruder - At 5:40 p.m. Feb. 23, LLPD responded to the 22000 block of East Appleway Avenue for an alarm. The officer arrived to find a bird was flying around inside the building and was flying into doors and windows. 

Suspicious person serves papers - At 11:05 p.m. Feb. 24, LLPD responded to the 22000 block of East Country Vista Drive for a suspicious person. The complainant reported a male subject was banging on his door. The arriving officer spoke to the subject, who was trying to serve papers to the complainant. The papers were served once law enforcement arrived on scene.

Argument escalates - At 5:21 p.m. Feb. 25, LLPD responded to the 24000 block of East Maxwell for a citizen assist. A complainant reported an argument was escalating between a friend and another person. Officers arrived and spoke to the friend, who reported the father of her child had shown up and there was no parenting plan in place. Another officer spoke to the father, who reported he wanted to see his child so had gone to the residence. However, he reported the argument ensued after his ex-girlfriend had told him she stabbed someone who had assaulted her and left them in the woods to die. She then asked for his assistance in covering up the death. Officers advised both parties as to the process of getting an anti-harassment order and a parenting plan. The report taken was also forwarded to the Post Falls Police Department for review and follow-up.

Inaccurate withdrawal - At 4:44 p.m. Feb. 26, LLPD responded to the 1300 block of North Liberty Lake Road for a hold-up alarm. Upon arrival, the responding officers spoke to management, who stated a customer had requested a withdrawal from an account. When the teller was counting the small bills back, the customer became agitated as it was taking too long and left the bank with the money. The teller realized afterward he had given the customer $500 more than he should have and told management of the mistake. Management called corporate security, which then activated the alarm. The customer also realized the teller's mistake later and returned to the bank with the funds.

Fraud (taxes) - At 5:39 p.m. Feb. 26, LLPD received a report of fraud at the 24000 block of East Pine Point Court. The complainant came into the department to report receiving a notice from the IRS indicating there was a problem with her 2013 taxes and stating she would be audited. The complainant reported she had not yet filed her 2013 taxes. The fraud was reported to both the IRS and our department.

Fraud (magazines) - At 5:20 a.m. March 13, LLPD took a report of fraud at the 22000 block of East Country Vista Drive. The complainant reported that since December 2013, she has received more than $476.23 worth of unsolicited magazine subscription fees. A claim was filed with the USPS in regards to identity theft and fraud. 

Fraud (airline tickets) - At 11 a.m. March 13, LLPD received a report of fraud at the 24000 block of East Olive Lane. The complainant reported receiving information that someone had purchased four roundtrip airline tickets from the Sudan to Iraq in the amount of $4,326.90 on his personal credit card. The complainant was reimbursed by his bank. He was then contacted via telephone a couple weeks later by a man with a distinct Middle Eastern accent claiming to be from a travel agency and wanting to know if the complainant had reported the information to the police. The information was forwarded to the appropriate federal agency.

Citizen dispute - At 1:22 p.m. March 16, LLPD responded to the 21000 block of East Mill River Lane in regards to a citizen dispute. The complainant reported there was a male intoxicated in the street and wearing only underwear yelling and chasing a female. Officers made contact with the individuals, who had no signs of physical injuries. Both agreed to go to sleep and work it out in the morning. 

Calls for service
Reported by the Liberty Lake Police Department Feb. 18 to March 17
Alarm 4
Assault 1
Burglary 2
Citizen assist 4
Citizen dispute 3
Domestic violence 2
Drug possession 1
Family fight 1
Fraud 2
Fugitive 2
Harassment 1
Identity theft 1
Impounded vehicle 1
Lost or found property 1
Message delivered 1
Not classified 4
Property theft 7
Prostitution 1
Suspicious person/circumstance 2
Threatening 1
Traffic accident 1
Traffic offense 21
Trespassing 1
Vehicle prowl 1
Vehicle theft 1
Violation of court order 2
Welfare check 9

Reported by the Liberty Lake Police Department Feb. 18 to March 17
Allowing unauthorized to drive 1
Controlled substance violation 1
Criminal trespass 3
Defective light 1
Defective muffler 3
Driving without license/ID 2
Expired registration 3
Failure to use safety belt 4
Liability insurance 12
Negligent driving 2
Passing school bus signal 1
Reckless driving 1
Speeding 18
Theft 1
Violation of protection order 2


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