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In the August Wave: Paired up is twice the fun
8/1/2013 2:09:36 PM

The Wave is a special section just for kids,
geared toward children in kindergarten through fifth grade

By Brenna Holland
Wave contributor

In Twinsburg, Ohio, during the first weekend of August, you may be seeing double. The Twins Day Festival takes place in the aptly named town where multiples of any sort (identical or fraternal, triplets or quadruples) convene to celebrate through games, entertainment and competitions. 

In the spirit of the Twins Day Festival, The Wave wanted to celebrate some local twins in the Liberty Lake community.
Double dose of adventure
Joshua and Noah Reneau were not easy babies. Escaping baby proof rooms together and even talking in gibberish twin talk through the bars of their cribs, the two gave their mother Mysti Reneau a hard time.

"They say if you have twins it's double the work," she said. "It's more like quadruple or triple the work!" 

Regardless of their wild infant days, the 12-year-old grade boys are now making their mom proud by focusing on academics, enjoying sports and still causing a little raucous now and then. 

Q: Are you identical or fraternal? 
Joshua: We actually don't know! We were born in Europe and the doctor couldn't really tell. We've always thought we were identical. 

Q: Do people confuse you a lot?
Both (in unison): Yes! 

Q: How can people tell you apart? 
Noah: I have a chicken pox scar on my forehead. That's an easy way for people to tell us apart. 

Q: What's the worst part about being a twin?
Joshua: People always assume that we are always the same. 
Noah: I would have to agree on that. 

Submitted photo
With their sense of humor and adventure, Joshua and Noah Reneau have used their twinhood to pull pranks and get some laughs.

Submitted photo
Jonah and Jordyn Gartner love being together and even both want to be teachers when they get older.

Twins Day Festival fun facts
The festival began in 1976 in Twinsburg, Ohio, with 37 sets of twins in attendance. 
The event is held the first full weekend of August and features a double-take parade, games, activities and more.
The first year to feature twins from around the globe was 1982. One set was from France and one set was from Argentina. 
In 1987, the festival was listed in "Guinness World Records" as the world's largest annual gathering of twins. A whopping 1,351 sets of twins attended that year. 
The largest group was in 1991 when 2,781 sets of twins registered for the event.
For more, visit www.twinsdays.org.

Did you know?
One in every 30 babies born in 2009 was a twin. 
Identical twins, which share the same DNA, don't have identical fingerprints. 
Almost half of twins create their own language, which is called idioglossia.
There are more than just fraternal and identical twosomes. Other rare twin types include "half-identical twins" and "mirror image" twins.
Chances of having a twin pregnancy increase with the age of the mother. 
Around 22 percent of twins are left handed compared to 1 percent in singletons. 
Q: What makes you two different? 
Joshua: Well I'm older. I like baseball; he hates baseball. 
Noah: Obviously I'm cooler than he is. 

Q: How is it having an identical version of yourself in the same grade? 
Noah: One of my teachers was very frugal, and he made me this deal that every time he called me Joshua he would give me $2. I made $6 the entire year!

Q: Have you guys ever switched places? 
Joshua: We still do! Last year I tried to go into Noah's classroom and it worked until I said, "Where's my desk?"

Two of a kind
Jonah and Jordyn Gartner, both age 9, rarely stop smiling. Besides sharing a June 18 birthday, the pair also has an affinity for bacon and building the best fort in the basement. 

The fourth graders both want to be teachers when they grow up. Jordyn even said, "I don't like school, I love it!" 

Q: How are you similar? 
Jordyn: We both love chocolate, setting up forts and bacon. 
Jonah: We also like to play soccer.

Q: How are you two different?
Jonah: Sometimes I don't like to play Littlest Pet shop. 
Jordyn: I don't like shooting Nerf guns all the time. 

Q: What are you individually interested in? 
Jonah: I like all types of sweets; she mostly just likes chocolate. 
Jordyn: I do gymnastics, and I like playing with my American Girl Dolls. 

Q: What's your favorite thing about being a twin?
Jonah: We have a lot in common, a lot of the same interests. 
Jordyn: Sometimes I bring my sleeping bag into this room and other nights he'll bring his into my room. 
Jonah: She's my friend; she's my best friend. 

Dog days of summer 
Area activities canines and their owners can enjoy together

Mutt Strut
Aug. 17, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Pawpular Companions, 21950 E. Country Vista Dr., Liberty Lake
Bring your best dressed pups for a 2.5 mile strut around the Liberty Lake. The pledge walk event will conclude with an ice cream social for both dogs and their owners, as well as activities, giveways, raffles and more! All funds raised benefit Higher Ground Animal Sanctuary. For more: 927-8890 or www.pawpularcompanions.com
Paws in the Pool
Aug. 25-26
Valley Mission Pool, 11405 E. Mission Ave.
After the pool closes for the season to humans, it opens to the dogs! Unfortunately, only dogs are allowed in the pools so you'll have to watch them have all the fun. Dogs must be six months or older; times are available based on dog size. Space is limited, so pre-register by calling 688-0300. For more: www.spokanevalley.org

Canine Carnival & Pet Blessing
Sept. 14, 9 a.m.
Pavillion Park
Previously held in the summer, this third annual event was moved to later in the fall so that it won't be as hot for the pets. The carnival will feature activities for dogs as well as humans. For more details closer to the event, go to www.summitnorthwest.org.


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