April 20, 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Is community-wide yard sale event really necessary?
The Liberty Lake Community Yard Sales is always something to behold. I personally try to avoid it by finding somewhere else to be for the day. 

It just amazes me how the people of Spokane and Idaho can come into our community and leave our streets full of cigarette butts and loaded diapers at the curb. 

Personally, I hate the garage sale thing. I understand the feeling of community that some people think we need, but there are those of us that feel our private space is being invaded by having strangers on our streets. 

Maybe my opinion is that of a snobby Liberty Laker; I don't mean it to be. I just like our community the way it is without the wadded-up diapers at my curb.

Randy Walker
Liberty Lake

Thanks to partners who made historical display possible
The Liberty Lake Historical Society would like to thank Greenstone Commercial and Wayne Frost along with Mountain Dog Sign Company and Marshon Kempf. 

This summer's historical display in the Liberty Lake Municipal Library is being sponsored by Greenstone and designed and printed by Mountain Dog. The display, titled "Liberty Lake Through Colored Post Cards," will be presented at the library the week of July 8 through August. 

This fall, the display will be installed permanently at the Meadowwood Technology Campus.

Ross Schneidmiller
President, Liberty Lake Historical Society 


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