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Police Report
4/24/2013 2:05:01 PM

The following incidents and arrests were among those reported by the Liberty Lake Police Department between March 18 and April 22.

Speeding and marijuana - At 4:40 p.m. March 18, a 16-year-old Liberty Lake boy was stopped at the corner of Wright and Sprague for a speeding violation. During the contact, the LLPD officer determined the juvenile subject was in violation of his intermediate driver's license as he had unauthorized passengers in the car. Officers also questioned about the smell of marijuana, and the juvenile requested his father respond to the scene. The father arrived and asked the driver to cooperate with police. The boy handed the officer a backpack that contained a smoking device and marijuana. The case was forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor for charging purposes.

Road rage - At 7:30 a.m. March 20, LLPD was dispatched to a road rage incident at the 1300 block of North Liberty Lake Road. The complainant stated he was involved in a road rage incident that resulted in the subjects pulling into the McDonald's parking lot. Words were exchanged, and the complainant grabbed a hammer from his vehicle. The other subject stated he had something bigger and better and would shoot him with it. The complainant left the area and provided a license plate number of the subject's vehicle. The officer ran the plate, and it was not a correct license plate. 

Theft - A 23-year-old Spokane man was arrested at 7:50 a.m. March 20 in Spokane for several counts of theft totaling several thousands of dollars in alcohol from area grocery stores, including the Safeway and Albertsons in Liberty Lake. He was booked into the Spokane County Jail.

Drug arrest - A 22-year-old Spokane man was arrested at 4:20 a.m. March 23 at the 25000 block of East Appleway for possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving with a suspended license and an outstanding arrest warrant for DWLS. Officers initially stopped the vehicle for an expired vehicle registration. During the contact, it was determined that the subject had a suspended driver's license and the warrant. He was taken into custody, and officers obtained consent to search the vehicle after observing a small bindle in plain view on the console of the vehicle.  The bindle tested positive for methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia was located in the glove box. The man said he was in Liberty Lake going through local business dumpsters looking for scrap metal. He was booked into the Spokane County Jail.


Domestic violence - At 2:50 p.m. March 24, the LLPD was requested to assist the Spokane County Sheriff's Office with a domestic violence incident involving a weapon at the 5000 block of North Idaho Road. The investigation resulted in a subject being taken into custody for domestic violence assault.

Reported by the Liberty Lake Police Department March 18-April 22.

Agency assist 3
Alarm 5
Animal problem 1
Assault, aggravated injury 1
Assault, simple/non-aggravated 2
Citizen assist 2
Citizen dispute 2
Domestic violence 8
Drug paraphernalia possession 1
Drug possession 2
Failure to appear 2
False information or report 1
Fire 1
Fraud, credit card/ATM 1
Fugitive 4
Harassment 3
Identity theft 3
Intoxicated person 1
Juvenile problem 1
Lost or found property 1
Malicious mischief 1
Missing person 1
Not classified 4
Property theft 3
Rape 1
Shoplifting 1
Suspicious person/circumstance 5
Traffic accident 1
Traffic hazard 1
Traffic offense 40
Trespassing 2
Vandalize property 1
Vehicle prowl 2
Welfare check 7

Reported by the Liberty Lake Police Department March 18-April 22.

Defective muffler 2
Driving without license/ID 4
Expired registration 12
Failure to obey traffic control 1
Failure to signal 1
Failure to stop/yield at intersection 1
Failure to stop at stop sign 2
Failure to wear safety belt 1
Ignition interlocks 2
Improper lane usage 1
Liability insurance 24
License and plates required 2
Reckless driving 1
Speeding 38
Use of cell phone 3

Juvenile issue - At 2:05 p.m. March 26, LLPD responded to a call regarding a suspicious teenage girl who reportedly looked to be in need of assistance as she walked down the side of the road. The call indicated she was yelling at vehicles passing her on East Appleway Avenue and North Molter Road. The girl was located near the Hawkstone Apartment Complex. As the officer approached her, he identified a butcher knife in the girl's right hand. The officer received a radio dispatch about this same time indicating a welfare check on a young woman of the same description. After speaking with her, the officer learned she was upset with her mother, who had recently taken away her vehicle and refused to buy her concert tickets. She meant to intimidate her mother with the knife. After further contact with the girl's family, she was released to her grandmother's custody. The report was sent to juvenile prosecutors for review.

Identity theft on taxes - At 3:45 p.m. March 26, LLPD received a report of identity theft on Mill River Lane. Upon trying to file his taxes, a Liberty Lake man learned someone had used his identity to file taxes in his name. This investigation is ongoing.

Identity and auto theft - On March 27, LLPD received a report from a man who said he was mailed two sets of license plates and registration papers for vehicles he didn't purchase or possess from the Washington Department of Motor Vehicles. The vehicles were purchased through an unknown group of persons from George Gee GMC using the victim's information. The investigation is ongoing.

Felony warrant arrest - A 39-year-old man listed as a transient was arrested at 12:35 p.m. March 27 at the Quality Inn & Suites, 2327 N. Madson Road, for an active Washington Department of Corrections felony warrant for escape from community custody. LLPD responded to the area after learning the subject was seen on site. Upon arrival, an officer identified the subject, who was driving a vehicle with two passengers. When backup arrived, officers approached the vehicle and advised the subject and front-seat passenger to exit the vehicle. He was arrested and transported to the Spokane County Jail for his felony warrant along with DWLS.

Missing child - At 1:35 p.m. March 30, LLPD was dispatched to a residence on Madson for a missing child. The child was located within 30 minutes and had been playing at a neighbor's house.

Domestic violence - At 6:05 p.m. March 31, LLPD was dispatched to the 21000 block of East Mission Avenue for a domestic violence report. Upon arrival, officers learned two subjects were meeting to exchange custody of their children. The male subject stated his ex-wife had proceeded to start driving away as one of their children was still trying to exit the vehicle. He was concerned for the child's safety and reached to get his daughter and was drug at least 20 feet before his ex-wife stopped the vehicle. He reported sustaining no injuries during the incident. Officers then contacted the ex-wife, who was no longer at the scene. She indicated the two had an argument, and her ex-husband began pulling the children out of her vehicle while it was in motion, and she stopped right away. Because the stories were conflicting and no injuries were sustained, a report was made but nothing further.

Lost, found, returned - On April 2, a wallet was recovered from a cart in the Safeway parking lot. The individual who found the wallet contacted LLPD and brought the wallet into the office. The owner of the wallet contacted LLPD later in the day to inquire after a missing wallet from Safeway. The individual came by and retrieved the wallet the next day.

Impersonating an officer - At 11:30 p.m. April 4, LLPD received a report of false reporting/impersonation. A man contacted LLPD regarding a call he received where a collection agency had impersonated an officer from LLPD and said if he did not pay his debt immediately, there would be a warrant issued for his arrest. The man thought it suspicious and contacted LLPD. An officer verified the call was placed by using a "ghost" or "phantom" number and made a report for the individual. 

Citizen assist - At 2:45 p.m. April 5, LLPD received a call for a citizen assist at the 23000 block of East Mission Avenue. Upon arrival, the officer was informed by front desk staff that a debt collection agency from Miami had called the business approximately 200 times asking to speak with an employee. The officer contacted the agency and advised them to stop calling repeatedly.

Assault with a weapon - At 1:20 a.m. April 6, LLPD was dispatched to the Albertsons parking lot for an assault with a weapon. An officer arrived on scene to find the window of a pickup broken out and two men who had been assaulted. The men were supposed to meet someone in the parking lot for marijuana, but upon arrival, a man and woman got out of the vehicle and proceeded to attack the two men with a bat. One of the men ran, but was beaten by another subject who had been in the car with the man and woman. After stealing some personal items and money, the suspects drove away. The two men suffered minor injuries and declined medical treatment.

Unruly guest - At 12 a.m. April 6, LLPD received a call regarding an intoxicated person at the Best Western PepperTree Hotel, 1816 N. Pepper Lane. An officer arrived and was informed the subject was being disruptive to other guests. The officer made contact with the subject and advised her to stay in her room, as she was visibly intoxicated. Later that night, the officer transported her to Spokane Detox after being called back for the same problem.

Domestic violence - At 9:45 a.m. April 7, LLPD was dispatched to the 25000 block of East Hawkstone on a domestic violence call. Upon arrival, officers were informed a boy had threatened to harm his mother with a knife, but had been calming down after taking his medication for multiple mental illnesses. After speaking with the mother, officers were told she did not feel threatened and did not need further assistance. The boy had visibly changed his behavior through the duration of the officers stay. The mother was informed a report would be made regarding the incident.

Domestic violence - At 4:10 p.m. April 8, LLPD was dispatched to a domestic violence call at the 22000 block of East Country Vista Drive. Upon arrival, officers were informed that a woman who had custody of her granddaughter had gotten into a physical altercation with her over whether or not she had stolen from someone. The girl had jumped out of the third-floor balcony in an effort to get away from the situation and was not located until later that same day.

Rape investigation - At 2:55 p.m. April 9, LLPD was dispatched to the 25000 block of East Hawkstone Loop for a rape. An officer and the department detective responded and collected information from the victim. The investigation is ongoing.

Identity theft - On April 12, LLPD received a report of an identity theft. The complainant was notified by her banking establishment that a purchase in the amount of $1,069 was made at Best Buy using her credit card. The purchase was made fraudulently, and her credit cards have since been cancelled.

Vehicle prowl - At 2:30 a.m. April 16, LLPD was dispatched to a vehicle prowl at the 23000 block of East Riverside. Upon arrival, an officer found the back window broken out of a parked vehicle. The complainant's son heard the car alarm, woke up and witnessed the man running away from the vehicle. The complainant and his son drove around the neighborhood for a while looking for the suspect, but were unable to locate him, as was the officer.

Online fraud - At 11:40 a.m. April 17, LLPD received a report at the 23000 block of East Broadway for fraud. The complainant purchased a television from an online vendor in the amount of $3,624. Money was sent to the vendor in the form of a check, but the complainant did not receive the television and has been unable to reach the business since.

Hotel theft 1 - At 12:21 p.m. April 18, LLPD received a call from the Quality Inn & Suites regarding a theft. Upon arrival, the officer was told by management that a 32-inch LCD flat screen LG television had been stolen from the workout area. The incident is currently under investigation.

Hotel theft 2 - At 12:10 a.m. April 22, LLPD was dispatched to the Best Western PepperTree Inn for a theft. An officer arrived on scene to find the rear window of a guest's work truck broken out. Items stolen included a laptop computer case, blank checks and a Green Bushnell Range Finder worth $900. The incident is currently under investigation.

Hotel theft 3 - At 1:43 a.m. April 22, LLPD received a call from the Quality Inn & Suites regarding a theft. An officer arrived on scene to find the back window of a guest's vehicle broken out. The complainant had a laptop take from the vehicle valued at $800. The incident is currently under investigation.

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