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Letters to the Editor
9/26/2012 11:03:25 AM

Anti-Shea campaign off base
You can make anyone look like the devil by half-truths and innuendo. The campaign to demonize Rep. Matt Shea by Amy Biviano and others is the worst I have seen by anyone in local politics. 

I have known Matt for several years and been with him in stressful times, and I have never seen the temper or rage he has been painted with. Even his ex-wife's allegations were concluded to be false by a non-partisan independent board that investigated the matter. The supposed road rage incident was precipitated by an unprovoked attack on him by a man with a long record of such altercations. The Biviano version in her recent mailer was cherry picked and left much out. 

Amy Biviano needs to contend with Matt Shea on the issues. To build a straw man to destroy does no one any good.

                                                                                                                     Rob Chase
                                                                                                                     Liberty Lake

Here's the real challenge: Are we better off now?
I don't know why, but I seem to think most clearly when I exercise. During a recent run, I was amazed at how many Obama yard signs I passed. Maybe it was all the excess blood flowing away from my brain and into my limbs while I was attempting to stave off oxygen debt, but suddenly the issues of our nation's upcoming presidential decision became crystal clear - as if I had been overanalyzing the situation while at full brain oxygen levels.

During this exercise-induced moment of clarity, I found myself considering a very simple question: "Can I think of three significant areas of challenge facing our country in the fall of 2008 that have been improved in the nearly four years since Sen. Obama was seeking our nation's support?"

The critical nature of one's response to such an intellectual exercise is matched only by its level of simplicity. For those who voted in 2008 to give Sen. Obama the opportunity to change our country, one would imagine it reasonably easy to recall at least three areas or issues that were facing our country for which improvement was sought? Perhaps it was the faltering economy? Rising inflation/unemployment? Or maybe Obama supporters were concerned with our standing, safety and/or security vis--vis other sovereign nations who had been posing a national security threat to us? Whatever those issues were, it is now time to honestly re-evaluate such concerns (it can be an intellectual challenge within one's own mind) and consider again whether President Obama and his policies have brought improvement to such areas, and if so, in what ways and to what extent? 


Why vote to re-elect a public servant for yet another term if the areas in which the voter desired to see change have not really been improved (or, dare we admit it, become even worse)? 

Just a plea from one concerned citizen and Liberty Lake resident to another: Let's be intellectually honest with ourselves. We owe it to those who have fought, sacrificed and served to protect this right to vote. Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian or unaffiliated voters alike: challenge yourself first to this simple exercise, then vote with integrity and responsibility according to your conclusions.
Will you accept the challenge?
                                                                                                                     D. Kaplan
                                                                                                                     Liberty Lake

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